The Purge on Sangheilos was a very dreadful event lead by Kras Stranamee.

Purge on Sangheilos
Some attributes
First Second civil war.
Second One of greatest known attacks.
Third Thel Vadum's first loss.
Other attributes


When Skrousel Jacyutee lead the defeating attack on the Servants of Abiding Truth main base, the second in command, Kras Stranamee survived. Since Kras was a very high rank in the Covenant, he called upon his old war comrades who hated Thel Vadam as much as he did. He lead an attack on Thel's main base, in Vadam state. Sherum Skleklalee lead the attack on the base, while Saraishelos lead an air attack. Thel's forces

Sherum Skleklalee

Sherum Skleklalee

stood no chance against Sherum and his troops. And when the reinforcements arrived by air, they were blasted out of the sky by Saraishelos' ships. Arbiter and his troops began retreating from the base, but, when out, they we're encountered by Sherum and his troops. Sherum 



engaged Thel in a sword duel. After a while though, Arbiter killed Sherum. One of Sherum's troops stunned Arbiter, while Saraishelos shot down all of Arbiter's other troops with a banshee. Thel was then taken to Kras Stranamee, who had him put into a high-security cell. Evantually, Lord Hood 

and his troops arrived to aid Arbiter. Lord Hood personally arrived to kill Kras himself. But was stopped and challenged by Saraishelos, who gave him a sword. Lord Hood and Saraishelos fought, but Lord Hood was no match for Saraishelos. But luckily for Lord Hood, a squad of ODSTs killed Saraishelos. Kras locked his door hoping they could not get through, but the opposite door opened, and there stood Kras' old friend, Trilus LuGhramee, who asked him to join The Council of Three Generals, which Kras accepted. Then Kras and Trilus departed Sangheilos.

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