This page tells you the ranks of known and unknown Sangheili.


Trilus LuGhramee-King

Myan Krolatree-2nd in command

Kras Stranamee-2nd in command


Jouyum Grilifilee-Fleetmaster/Shipmaster

Huy Yousyree- Fieldmaster/Shipmaster

Rime Zimbabree-Fieldmaster/Shipmaster

Diose Zycaramee-Fieldmaster/Shipmaster

Ghram Grestramee-Fieldmaster/Shipmaster

Herlick Erestraree-Fieldmaster/Shipmaster

Jooktyoose Lakamee-FieldmasterShipmaster

Ios Kreyanee-Fieldmaster/Shipmaster

General Saiyou-Ascetic

Tayouma-Seperatist Fleetmaster

Medium High

Myostrom Lakamee-Zealot

Tydos Kyostramee-General

Pryrim Stustaree-Spec Ops Commander

Gyuouse (Gyouyose) Tyuidomee-Spec Ops Commander

Bleedose Ployaramee-Grand Major

Sherum Skleklalee-Grand Major/Commander

Saraishelos-Commander/Spec Ops Commander

Zylock Stratamee-Ranger Commander

Finkyo Ghotrotee-Demolition Commander

Beodo Kloplahee-Ultra/Field Commander

Oiolped Olapalee-Ultra/Field Commander

Serdox Hiyutakee-Ultra/Field Commander

Redoyoth Kreyanee


Bukelow Voilostamee-Minor

Kratya Iposbee-Minor

Ciolur Seduyee-Major

Uzu Nokamee-Mechanic

Ruj Plisbree-Mechanic

Coiul Ghuglermee-Ranger

Soijky Ghestrenvee-Ranger Commander

Hoij Bolysgratee-Ranger

Pluduse Tyukamee-Ranger

Ghoyuluss Weparestaree-Ranger Commander

Joikon Glusetamee-Ranger

Naran Fulepstamee-Ranger

Riyouous (REE-YOU-O-US) Clalastamee: Ranger

Gluyun Fragasrawee-Assasin

Jioyus Nuzaree-Assasin


Gyablag Klafrastramee-Honor Guard

Hugian Jlukyakanjee-Honor Guard

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